The Role Of Massage

Massage – the manipulation of muscles, the tender stroking of skin, and varying degrees of pressure applied to different parts of the body – has been in existence for centuries. Initially, due to the healing properties associated with various types of massage, it was used for medicinal purposes and can be traced back to as early as 2,700 in ancient China. Clearly, the role of massage to increase circulation, stimulate the immune system, and even decrease blood pressure has positioned it as a significant component in healing medicine.

Today, massage continues to be used in therapeutic form occupying a viable role in more than half of all hospitals in the United States that use it to ease pain, increase mobility and flexibility, and speed healing. But the power of touch can not be denied either. The human-to-human contact required by massage has enormous healing powers, promoting relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. Subsequently, massage is used often in critical care situations and in the care for infants in a hospital setting.

The relaxation and stress relief brought about by massage makes it a popular recreational service as well, and more and more people flock to spas worldwide in search of an hour of peace and pampering. The varying forms of massage offer something for everyone. The most popular form of massage, Swedish massage, uses long stroking and gentle kneading to relax muscles; deep tissue massage uses more focused kneading to reach deeper muscles and is perfect for athletes; hot stone therapy uses smooth stones to provide therapeutic heat; and there’s even CranioSacral massage that focuses on sinuses and scalp massage, and pregnancy massage tailor designed for a growing belly.

Regardless of the type of massage that appeals to you, they can all be found no further than your nearest spa or licensed massage therapist. Find someone who comes highly recommended and is very experienced in the specific massage in which you are interested. And – with optimum comfort in mind – be sure to choose a massage therapist with whom you will personally feel most comfortable. For example, if you’re shy about being undressed – even though you are fully covered by a sheet – it may be more comfortable for you to find a therapist with gender in mind.

With an experienced, professional therapist, you will find that massage holds a bevy of benefits you can only imagine!

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